Overhead Doors

Metal allows for traditional or modern design, while providing color, texture and depth necessary to achieve today’s architectural concepts. Metallia introduces new aesthetics to an industry that has not seen innovation in decades. For the first time, overhead doors can have the same beautiful aesthetic appearance as custom entry doors. Beautiful and strong, each Metallia overhead door is 2” thick and features a NeuFoam polyurethane insulation core with an 18.0 R-value.

Metallia has explored materials and aesthetics in combination with function to create a range of overhead doors with solid metal rich patinated finishes and designs.  We help architects and sophisticated home owners overcome the challenges of tailer-made overhead garage doors.

Coordinate the entry elements of your project’s facade using Metallia surfaces, including gates, doors, and overhead doors. Garage doors are one of the first features of a residence seen, yet often seem as if they’ve been left out of the design process.  The aesthetic options have been limited to conventional garage doors that look like, well, garage doors.

Overhead doors designed in collaboration with Architects who think differently. It’s not surprising when you see the images below what vast range of design possibilities can be explored by designers and architects. It’s easy to see how applying metal design in residential homes or boutique commercial projects can make a unique design statement

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