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Welcome to Metallia where we are pushing the boundaries of design. We have pioneered the bonding of semi-precious metals onto overhead garage doors, entry doors.  Metallia’s quest is to amaze and inspire architecture with new innovative products. Committed to ever-evolving, we are constantly developing new products and introducing new technologies and new aesthetics that meet the increasingly diverse needs of our customers.

Metallia brings new aesthetics to the garage door industry that has not seen innovation in decades. Our revolutionary technology applies semi-precious metals such as brass, aluminum, nickel, zinc, and copper are applied to a base surface. The technology extends both the design and construction potential of a surface by lending it the appearance of solid metal without any of the restrictions, such as weight and cost. Once applied, the Metallia surface is patinated. All metals develop a natural patina over time. Extended research has lead Metallia to harness these natural organic processes and develop techniques to achieve the elegance of patinated metals, in a matter of days as opposed to decades.

Our Products

We work alongside leading architects on increasingly diverse and complex projects. Metallia’s unique position brings new and different levels of product design for custom entrances. We have applied our innovation and creativity to entry doors, barn doors, courtyard entrances, and focus doors.

We offer a full line of pivot-hung and swing doors finished with our revolutionary technology combining semi-precious metals with rich patinas.

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Ask leading architects of luxury homes what exterior features contribute most to exceptional design, they most often say doors, windows, and overhead doors. Metallia has manipulated form with function to create a range of overhead doors with solid metal-rich patinated finishes and designs that are only limited by your imagination. Beautiful and strong, each Metallia overhead door is 2″ thick and features NeuFoam polyurethane insulation core with an 18.0 R-value.

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Historical Architectural Brass Pearl Essence

Design Services

What makes an extraodinary lifestyle?

Your vision, your choices, your values. Those moments created with family and friends.

Metallia can transoform your next signature project with flexible solutions. Imagine the possiblities – Scale challenges, early planning integration, and architect collaboration are common place at Metallia’s studio.

We will help you create architectural art projects through innovative surfaces by working together to deliver quality prouducts with integrity demanded by the best in the industry.

Our Metal Arte Door Finishes

  • Historical Brass with Brown Florentine & Pearl Essence Options

  • Satin Rose Gold

  • Pewter

  • Manganese

  • Nickel with Aged or Blackened Options

  • Satin Brass

What our clients say

” Metallia is a skilled partner that pushes limits on design and performance. They provide an unparalleled experience. The beauty and quality of the overhead doors matched to the entrance on our project accomplished our client’s desires and vision.”

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